Eileen Filler-Corn, 56th Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates

Representing the 41st House District and the Commonwealth.

About Eileen

Eileen Filler-Corn served as the 56th Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates. She was the first woman in the 400-year history of Virginia’s legislature to serve as Speaker. Filler-Corn rose to this role after serving in the House for a decade, making her the fastest person to ascend to the post.

Today, she continues to serve her community and commonwealth in the House of Delegates fighting on behalf of her constituents and all Virginians. Representing the 41st House District, which includes portions of Fairfax County, Eileen’s passion for service shines through her tireless work to make the Commonwealth of Virginia a better place to live, work, and raise a family. Her commitment to improving the lives of her neighbors is what drove her to run for the House of Delegates. She has spent her time in the legislature as a listener and problem solver, delivering results that move her community forward and advocating for everyone equally regardless of background, circumstance, or ideology. She has introduced, championed, and passed legislation that has made Virginia a safer, stronger, and more equal Commonwealth.

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